How To Ship to China
Individual orders can be sent to Axis Promotions where they will combine everything together and then ship each quarter to all the scholars in China. Just follow Step One and Step Two to save money and send a great gift to your student that they will always remember.
Step One
Select SHIP TO CHINA service to pay the $10.00 service charge to Axis Promotions for including your order in their next quarterly shipment. Remember to email your purchase receipt to the student so they can pickup their order from the Assistant Dean in China
Step Two
When you are ready to check out enter the address for Axis Promotions in the ship to address. Ship to: Axis Promotions Attn: K. Ratliff 8 West 38th Street, 3rd Floor New York, NY 10018. Orders ship Jan 1. April 2, June 15, October 1 and December 31.
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